The warranty maintenance regulations for the products of  "Tehnotron ZAO PTFC"


These rules concern the principles of operation with reclamation complaints from customers who have concluded a supply contract with Tehnotron ZAO PTFC. Placement of rules on the site is necessary to understand the customers how to act in case of detection in the product of defects.


1. Reclamation complaints are accepted and registered by the quality assuarance of  "Tehnotron ZAO PTFC":

1.1. The reclamation complain is presented by the client in writing to the e-mail in the form of the completed form in accordance with the set form (download the Act of Complaint Form) with the application of photo / video materials of the identified inconsistency.


2. The procedure for the client to fill in the act of notification / damage claim:

2.1 To assign an individual number and indicate the date of filling in the claim form.

2.2 To fill in information about the client - the full name of the organization, the de facto address, contact person and contact information (phone numbers, e-mail).

2.3 To fill in information about the commission members who have considered the advertised products.

2.4 To indicate information about the advertised product (marking, quantity, works number, production date).

2.5 In the event of an auto component failure, to indicate information about the car on which the product was operated (car brand, car engine model, mileage of the car from the time of start the operation activity and until its breakdown).

2.6 To indicate information about the acquisition of products from Tehnotron ZAO PTFC (number and date of the consignment note and the contract).

2.7 To describe the identified nonconformity (to classify the defect) and indicate the place, date, time and conditions under which a discrepancy was found or detected. If the discrepancy is expressed in an uncharacteristic sound for the normal operation of the product, make an audio / video recording.

2.8 In the column "conclusion of the commission" indicate the concretic proposals of the client for settlement of the complaint.

2.9 To put signatures of the commission members and seal the client's enterprise to certify the claim form.


3. To speed up the consideration of the complaint and avoid the cost of the client's time for additional clarifying questions from the employees of the quality assuarance of Tehnotron ZAO PTFC , we recommend:

3.1 In order to identify the products, to provide as much information as possible - to make a photo/video of the general view of products, an identified non-compliance, a tag that allows to determine the individual number and products due date, passport and factory packaging of products.

3.2 To take the photo / video materials from different points.

3.3 The photo / video materials should have sufficient resolution and quality to adequately assess the degree of inconsistency and the possible cause of its occurrence.

3.4 All columns of the act of the notification / damage claim must be obligatory filled, the text must be easily legible and readable.


4. Timeframe:

4.1 The customer must send an e-mail to damage claim about the refusal of the products during the duration of cover period of operation not later than 1 (one) month from the date of detection of the defect.

4.2 Within 14 working days from the receipt of all necessary information, the quality assuarance of Tehnotron ZAO PTFC considers the complaint and gives an answer on the decision:

— reclamation is accepted;

— the reclamation was refused - with the justification of the decision;

— request for additional information (photo / video materials, document scans, details of defect detection, etc.) via the electronic communication form indicated in the filled notification act / damage claim;

— request for return of products to Tehnotron ZAO PTFC for research and subsequent giving an answer to the client about the decision on the complaint. When the product was send for research, the consumer must enclose the original or a copy of the notification act / damage claim to the product, a copy of the letter of Tehnotron ZAO PTFC about the request of this product for research and delivery note.

4.3 If the client does not give the requested additional information within 5 (five) working days, the quality assuarance personnel shall form an additional request to the client within 3 (three) working days.

4.4 If within 5 (five) working days after sending an additional request the client has not sent the required information without objective reasons, Tehnotron ZAO PTFC reserves the right to take a negative decision on the complaint.

4.5 Product researches shall be carried out within 30 working days from the moment the product delivering to Tehnotron ZAO PTFC .


5. Allowance for waste on complaints:

5.1 If a complaint is accepted, exchange of substandart products with qualitative products is carried out at the expense of Tehnotron ZAO PTFC.

5.2 If, as a result of the research, it is established that the reason for the failure of the product is a consequence of circumstances for which the manufacturer is not responsible (consumer breach of the product operating rules, consumer intervention in the product design), and also if the claimed defect is not confirmed, the consumer must to compensate the manufacturer for the costs related to the conduct of research, storage and transport of products.

The list of guarantee terms for manufactured products Download the table for guarantee terms of manufactured products

Warranty service manager:

Tyryshkin Andrey Jurevich

Telephone number/fax: +7(8552) 20-20-48, extension. 31-75